• Construction lifts
    Post time: 02-08-2018

    Construction elevators are commonly referred to as construction lifts, but construction lifts include a broader definition and construction platforms also fall into the category of construction lifts. Simple construction elevator is composed of car, drive mechanism, standard section, attached wal...Read more »

  • Composition and classification of concrete mixing equipment
    Post time: 02-08-2018

    Composition of concrete mixing plant Concrete mixing device is cement, aggregate, water, admixture, admixture and other materials in accordance with the requirements of concrete ratio measurement, and then stirred into a concrete mixer set of equipment, commonly known as concrete mixing plant (fl...Read more »

  • Tower crane safety management and usage specification
    Post time: 02-08-2018

    1. The demolition of the tower crane must be carried out by a professional team that has obtained the certificate of dismantling the qualification issued by the construction administrative department and there should be the guardianship of the technical and security personnel present. 2. Before d...Read more »

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