Tower crane safety management and usage specification

1. The demolition of the tower crane must be carried out by a professional team that has obtained the certificate of dismantling the qualification issued by the construction administrative department and there should be the guardianship of the technical and security personnel present.

2. Before dismantling the tower crane, the disassembly and assembly methods, quality requirements and safety technical measures should be prepared in accordance with the relevant provisions of the factory. After the examination and approval of the technical person in charge of the company, the dismantling operation technical scheme shall be submitted to all the workers.

3, Tower crane tower should meet the following requirements:

(1) lifting process, there must be someone to direct the staff to look after the power supply, manual operation of the hydraulic system, special removable bolts. Non-operators may not board the console of the jacking stand. Control room should be allowed only one person operation, must obey the command signal.

(2) Lift should be carried out during the day, special circumstances require nighttime operations, there should be adequate lighting.

(3) When the wind power is above Grade 4, no lifting work is allowed. In the operation of a sudden increase in wind up to four, you must immediately stop, and should fasten the upper and lower tower bolts.

(4) before lifting should relax the cable in advance, its length should be greater than the total lifting height, and should be tightened cable reel. Decline should be timely tightening of the cable.

(5) During lifting and lowering, the clearance between the idler roller and the standard section of the tower must be adjusted, and the boom and balance arm should be balanced according to the regulations and the slewing mechanism should be braked. When the rotary table and the tower When it is difficult to disassemble the last connecting bolt (pin) between standard sections, replace the diagonal universal bolt and take other measures. Do not loosen the bolt (pin) by turning the boom.

(6) When lifting, the lifting legs (claw) in place, should be inserted safety pin, square can continue to the next action.

(7) After the lift is completed, the connecting bolts shall be tightened to the required torque, the hydraulic control rod shall be returned to the middle position and the hydraulic lifting mechanism shall be cut off.

4, All safety devices on the crane should be kept sensitive and effective. If any safety devices are found to be malfunctioning, they should be repaired or replaced promptly. All safety devices should be sealed (fireproof or seal) fixed, unauthorized adjustment is strictly prohibited.

5, prior to lifting the focus of inspection items should meet the following requirements:

(1) The appearance of the metal structure and the working mechanism is normal.

(2) All safety devices and indicating instruments are in good condition.

(3) Each gear box, hydraulic tank complies with the regulations.

(4) The main part of the connection bolts without loosening.

(5) wire rope wear and wear around the pulley in line with the provisions.

(6) Supply cable without damage.

6, before delivery, the controller handle should be zero. When the power is turned on, should use the test pen to check the metal structure, to confirm no leakage: Wanke on the machine.

7, before operation, should be no-load transfer, the test of the working institutions are functioning properly, with or without noise and abnormal sound, the agencies brake and safety devices are valid, after confirmation of normal operation.

8, when lifting heavy objects, the total weight of heavy objects and spreaders shall not exceed the hoisting capacity of the corresponding provisions of the tower crane.

9, should hate the lifting of heavy objects and the scene, select the appropriate working speed, the controller should be manipulated from the stop point (zero) began, followed by step by step increase the speed, no more file operation. Change the operating direction, the controller handle should be pulled to zero until the motor stops after the turn to the other direction, not directly change the direction of operation, sudden speed change or braking.

10, before the lifting hook, lifting trolley or running to limit device, should slow down to the stop position, and should keep a certain distance limit device (hook not less than lm, walking wheel shall not be less than 2m). It is forbidden to use the limit device as a stop switch.

11, lifting heavy objects, is strictly forbidden to decline freely. When the weight is in place, take a seating mechanism or use a brake to slowly lower it.

12, lifting heavy objects for horizontal movement, should be higher than the obstacles over 0.5m. In operation, when the power cut or voltage drop, immediately pull the controller to zero and cut off the power. If the hook is hung with heavy objects, the brakes should be used slightly more slowly to slowly lower the heavy objects to a safe place.

13, after the operation is completed, the tower crane boom should be turned downwind direction, and release the swing brake, the car and the balance should be placed in non-working state, the hook should rise to the top of the boom 2 ~ 3m Department.

14, downtime, you should dial each controller zero, turn off the switch, turn off the control room doors and windows, the next machine, disconnect the power switch, turn on the high-altitude lights.

15, maintenance personnel on the tower, jib, balance arm and other aerial parts of the inspection or repair, you must fasten your seat belt


Post time: Feb-08-2018
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