Construction lifts

Construction elevators are commonly referred to as construction lifts, but construction lifts include a broader definition and construction platforms also fall into the category of construction lifts. Simple construction elevator is composed of car, drive mechanism, standard section, attached wall, chassis, fence, electrical system and other parts, is often used in construction of manned construction machinery, due to its unique structure of the box The ride is comfortable and safe. The construction elevator is usually used with crane at the construction site. The general loading capacity is 0.3-3.6 tons and the running speed is 1-96M / min. The construction lifts produced in our country are getting more and more mature and gradually moving towards the international stage.

High safety factor

Standard section of the top section of the rack design ensures that the cage will not fall roof, limit and limit switch and anti-fall safety installation more to ensure the safety of construction workers.

Drive System

Reduce the noise inside the cage, so that the cage headroom increases, but also to make the transmission more stable, smaller body vibration.

Convenient and versatile

In the traditional construction of elevators based on the installation of steel conveying device and concrete conveying device, can transport steel, concrete and construction personnel, greatly improving the construction efficiency; optional advanced stepless frequency conversion speed control system, making the lift can achieve 0 ~ 96m / min stepless speed regulation, smooth operation without impact

Attachment system

The changing attachment system allows the unit to be used on complex and changing buildings.

Post time: Feb-08-2018
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