Composition and classification of concrete mixing equipment

Composition of concrete mixing plant

Concrete mixing device is cement, aggregate, water, admixture, admixture and other materials in accordance with the requirements of concrete ratio measurement, and then stirred into a concrete mixer set of equipment, commonly known as concrete mixing plant (floor). Concrete mixing device mainly by the material handling equipment, materials storage equipment, measuring equipment, mixing equipment and control systems and other components. Including materials, aggregate, cement, admixture, water, additives and so on.

Classification of concrete mixing equipment

(A) by mobility classification

1. Mobile mixing station

This mixing station usually with a walking device, can be transferred at any time, mobility is good. Mainly adapted to some temporary or highly mobile projects, such as roads, bridges and so on.

2. Demolition of mixing station

This mixing plant is assembled from several large components, can be assembled and disassembled in a short time, with the transfer of the construction site. Mainly used in commercial concrete factories and large and medium-sized concrete construction.

3. Fixed mixing floor

This is a large concrete mixing plant with large production capacity, mainly used in commercial concrete factories, large prefabricated plant and water conservancy construction site.

(B) according to the production process classification

Concrete mixing device according to the layout of its technology can be divided into single-stage and double-stage two categories.

(C) other classification methods

Concrete mixing device in addition to the above two kinds of commonly used methods of classification, but also according to whether the configuration of mixing equipment and add water mixing into dry material batching station and wet mixing station, according to configure the continuous feeding of mixing equipment is divided into continuous mixing station and Gap mixing station.

Post time: Feb-08-2018
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